Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Dearest Penelope & James

Our Dearest Penelope & James,
We loved you from the moment we knew of your existence.  With each day that passed our love for you grew.  We looked forward to seeing you wiggling around on the ultrasound screen at the Doctor’s office and hearing your little hearts beat was music to our ears. As you got bigger feeling your kicks and punches through your Mom’s stomach was amazing.  We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be blessed with two babies.
The time you spend in our lives was short, but the impact you had on our hearts was immense.  The moment you were born you were placed in the loving arms of your mother.  We whispered to you how much we loved you and kissed your sweet faces.  You left this world in the loving arms of your father.   If you experienced nothing else in your short life, we hope you felt our intense love for you.
We mourn your death.  We are saddened that we don’t get to watch you grow up and get to know you. We also mourn for our family.  Gwenevere will never have the joy of playing with her little brother and sister.  Our parents have lost two of their precious grandchildren.  Our siblings have lost a niece and a nephew.  So many lives have been touched.  You have so many special people that love you.
In these past days we think of you often.  Your sweet spirits have touched us in a way that we will never forget.  We love you now and always, you are our daughter and son and no amount of days passing will ever change that.  Our dearest James & Penelope, know that you are loved.
Mom & Dad

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